Here are the two major reasons you absolutely need a strong business culture:

  1. Real estate is a lonely business: As leaders, while we understand that our agents are self-operating independent contractors, we must also realize that high performing salespeople are not inspired by solitude.
  2. Give them what they cannot find elsewhere: In today’s real estate marketplace, an agent can set up shop in the Cayman Islands and sell real estate in Chicago. They can buy the tools, systems, software, and hire virtual assistants and transaction coordinators to operate their business fairly smoothly.

Here are a few strategies to think about. While you may think some of these are trivial… don’t forget, greatness is in the granularity.

4 Strategies to create a strong business culture:

  1. Come together every day: We built an unbelievable line up of conference calls at the same time every weekday to give our agents strategies, tools, and tactics. We did this every. Single. Day. As you can imagine this is a major undertaking but the key for us was doing this every weekday at the same time. This created a cadence where agents started to build their days around our calls and as a result agent participation and collaboration went through the roof.
  2. Commit to building Sales Confidence: We traded the traditional sales meetings across offices for high-powered mastermind sessions. Dig deep into sales strategies, scripting and objection handling, prospecting and lead generation frameworks…put the “sales” back in the “sales meetings” and commit to creating value.
  3. Showcase Personal Growth: Showcase the humanity of people not simply recognizing awards for sales volume. Did someone beat cancer? Did someone lose weight? Did someone climb Mt. Everest? Did someone run their first marathon? Look for the stories of personability in the organization and showcase it. When people realize that they can come to “work” and be recognized for “who” they are and not just if they put up points on the scoreboard, they will bring their heart and soul into helping grow your empire.
  4. Create a Platform for Storytelling: You need a “place” to curate your culture and to communicate your personal care, professional warmth, and leadership vision. Use this platform to share stories, get messages out, recognize our people, and showcase our success. Remember, storytelling requires multi-media, so we use video, audio, pictures, infographics, testimonials, or just normal posts to tell stories….Be sure to mix it up. The goal is to be uplifting and remind your team that we all have a bigger and better future – TOGETHER!