#1: Are you comfortable being alone?

Have you ever gotten a genius idea in the shower? This is no coincidence. You weren’t distracted with a phone in your hand and you were perhaps actually able to hear yourself think.

We must create solitude to create greatness.

The most powerful leaders and the highest of achievers spend plenty of time alone. This is where they have time to access their inner greatness. This is the time to reflect, meditate, and create a vision. When you spend time alone, you continue to get clarity, you dial into who you are, and you build the ability to self-regulate your emotions.


#2: Are you willing to attribute others for their greatness?

There is nothing more authentic than attributing what you have learned to someone else, whether it be a quote, an idea, a concept, a story, or an insight. It is not just an opportunity to give credit where credit is due, but it is our responsibility.

There are others who have paved the way for where you are heading. Take a look and admire, respond, even ask for mentorship from those people.


#3: Are you open to being continuously grateful?

Can you remember the last time you felt immense gratitude roll over you for someone or something in your life? It can be as simple as swiftly getting through the security check at the airport or as life-changing as slamming the brakes right on time with your children in the car, avoiding an accident.

As humans, we are naturally predisposed to focus on the negative. In fact, this is called the ‘Negativity Bias.’ We need to train our brain to focus on the good that is all around us until, eventually, that’s all we see.

What are the five things you are grateful for right now? Could you make this list each morning or each evening?


#4: Will you commit your goals to memory?

I want to give you a very simple daily practice that can transform your life forever. If you already have ten goals, proceed to step one.

Step 1: Commit to 5 minutes where you sit down and do this practice daily.

Step 2: Use the same notebook.

Step 3: Rewrite your top 10 goals from memory once every day.

Just this simple act rewires your nervous system like a heat-seeker missile. This creates a unique singularity of focus and a powerful sense of clarity on what your subconscious should be focusing on and going after every single day.


#5: Will you be ruthless about controlling your environment?

The fastest way to access your inner greatness is to create, curate, and control the environments that you spend the most time in.

Some people like to set up their home office or their workspaces to put them into this state. Some people create a restful setting in their bedroom to help them sleep well. Some people create a room with artifacts of success that remind them of their goals, such as pictures of their children, dream boards, and inspirational quotes. What’s yours?


Are you willing to commit to your greatness?