I have known Travis and his team for a couple of years now and my company has also done some work for his. Recently my wife and I decided to start looking for a home and we decided to reach out to Travis and his team. We spent 3 months from looking at homes to negotiating once we found the home we wanted. They helped us every step of the way. His entire team Yesenia, Andres and even Nicks were amazing and always there to help. My wife and I were looking for a place that we could renovate and make our own and working with them was the perfect fit. The reason being is because not only are they realtors but had an extensive experience in the home renovation business. They were able to tell us their thoughts for renovation costs and things to look into that any regular realtor may not know unless they worked with contractors and rebuilt homes from the ground up on a regular basis. Working with the Premier Villa team was definitely the best decision we made! Thanks again!